At Body Restored, we have a different approach of addressing one's over-all health and well being. Structural Energetic Therapy® (SET) has given us the proper avenue to efficiently and effectively treat acute and chronic pain conditions. Our main focus is to establish strength, balance and function to treat and prevent pain, dysfunction, and weaknesses throughout the body.

The combined techniques of Structural Energetic Therapy® address the area of your pain first, and then bring the rest of your body into balance to support those changes. These techniques include kinesiology and muscle testing, postural analysis, Cranial/Structural techniques, directed myofascial unwinding, emotional energy release, acupressure, scar tissue and adhesion release, deep tissue therapy and other therapeutic bodywork techniques.

As your structure integrates into balance and support, you will start to use your body more fully in your normal day-to-day activities. The pain and weaknesses that had previously been in your body can disappear and be replaced with” pain free full function”. Everyone starts in a different degree of imbalance and pain due to different life experiences so everyone is unique, and this therapy is adapted to the individual. Thus each client’s conditions are directly addressed producing the quickest results long term.

Our Structural Energetic Therapist is here to provide over-all support and the proper skills to guide you through your healing journey. Each session consists of commitment to team work and communication between the theraist and client - this encourages transformational results.

Body Restored is confident that Structural Energetic Therapy® is the ultimate rehabilitation a person can experience with limitless possibilities. SET does not MANAGE pain, but achieves MAXIMUM rehabilitation FROM pain.


Image by Foot Levelers

The photo above illustrates the core, "Our Golden Nugget" of Structural Energetic Therapy®

The Core Distortion is an anterior/posterior rotation of the iliums and tipped sacrum producing the lack of weight bearing support for the spine. The entire structure of the body is affected causing musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain. This core distortion is documented in 16 week old fetuses!! Everyone is born with this!

In the Core Distortion 50% of your muscles are operating at approximately 50% strength and function – proven with functional and applied kinesiology.

Cranial/Structural Core Distortion Releases of Structural Energetic Therapy® release the core distortion – the cause of 90% of imbalance, dysfunction, and pain. Once fully released usually in one treatment the core distortion will not return! The soft tissue restrictions holding the distortion can’t reform the same way again! The old soft tissue restrictions holding the distortion start unwinding and reforming new balanced supported holding patterns!


Cedar Steam Detox

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Cedar Steam is an organic steam barrel for one person, made of red cedar wood that grows in high elevations of clean elogical mountains in British Columbia and Siberia.

Our cedar barrel is innovative, unique, handmade, organic, made only from 100% Red Cedar - without the use of nails, screws, glue or other synthetic materials.

A single use of Cedar Steam warms the body deeply, increases blood circulation, promotes cellular repair, and allows muscles to become relaxed. This effect also encourages the body to detox through a deep, thorough sweat.

It is highly recommended and essential for structural balance that clients follow their rejuvenating steam with a Structural Energetic Therapy® session.

Other benefits:

  • Detoxification
  • Deeper, thorough release during bodywork
  • Reduced Stress
  • Rid of toxicity
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Supply of vital nutrients
  • Cellular repair
  • Healthy, radiant skin
  • Improve hair growth
  • Strengthened immunity
  • Natural dose of vitamin D
  • Boost of energy and rejuvenation
  • Increased metabolism
  • and so much more!

Structural Energetic Therapy®


Before (left) and after (right) photos of Cranial/Structural releases, Head/Neck/Shoulder and Pelvic Balancing soft tissue release protocols.


Before (top) and after (bottom) photos of Cranial/Structural release.

Structural Energetic Therapy® (SET) is a full body therapy that produces maximum rehabilitation of physical conditions causing pain and builds physical performance potential to its maximum. SET is the integration of Cranial/Structural techniques (our “golden nugget”) with specialized soft tissue protocols designed to work together to release the primary core (spiral) distortion, and the distortions of sub-patterns, with the ultimate goal of restoring balance, strength and function in the body long term.

Structural imbalances are responsible for over 90% of our painful symptoms throughout the body, and can cause varying degrees of limitations and dysfunctions. Accidents, illness, stress, emotional challenges, injuries, and other life activities cause the body to collapse further into this distortion resulting in pain and dysfunction.

The integration of Cranial/Structural techniques with effective deep tissue protocols applied in specific sequences is the most effective form of body restructuring and rehabilitation therapy that a massage therapist can use. This is the basis of Structural Energetic Therapy®, and, in the future, could very well be the basis of most body restructuring. It accelerates the process of balancing the body 10-fold, and resolves the weight bearing issues between the sacrum and the ilium leading to long-term pain relief and rehabilitation. Using kinesiology for testing, there is a definite increase in strength and function in the whole musculoskeletal system when it is in balance.

The ultimate goal of Structural Energetic Therapy® is to restore balance, strength and function so that you can resume normal life activities pain-free!


  • Achieve life-long structural support changes in the first treatment
  • Minimize pain and dysfunction long term – don’t “manage” your pain
  • Regain an additional 50% of muscle strength, balance and coordination
  • Increase balance and function – prevent injuries
  • Maximize stamina, endurance, strength, flexibility, energy
    more efficient function of organs and body
  • Release the core distortion found in all bodies to initiate the movement of the body into structural support

Conditions Effectively Treated

Structural Energetic Therapy® rehabilitates pain and dysfunction without surgery — long term!

Trained SET Therapists (SET Therapists have taken the 1 or 2 year training) are able to routinely successfully treat multiple conditions and symptoms that are presented by their clients such as:


  • Tendonitis
  • Surgical scars and adhesions
  • Nerve entrapments
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Joint inflexibility
  • Strains and muscle pulls
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lupus
  • Scoliosis
  • Hiatal hernias
  • Acid reflux
  • And much more...


  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Nerve Entrapments
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Whiplash
  • Headaches
  • Trigger Finger
  • TMJ
  • Strains/sprains
  • Herniated and Bulging Discs
  • Scar tissue


  • Back pain
  • Sciatic pain
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Foot pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heel spurs
  • Strains /sprains
  • Herniated
  • Buldging Disc
  • Nerve entrapments
  • Scoliosis
  • Abdominal pain


"Vinissa is amazing! She truly has the skill and knowledge and most importantly the perseverance in working with clients that are in chronic pain. She is not deterred by challenging pain conditions and will seek out additional expertise where needed. Her training in SET therapy positions her above and beyond any massage therapist that I have ever worked with. She is able to access and treat a wide range of Myofascial conditions with the accuracy and skill of a Physical Therapist, Muscular Skeleton Expert and Body Alignment Specialist all wrapped up in one person. Plus, she has a toolbox of additional healing modalities that enhance her practice. Vinissa’s passion and devotion to her work and to her clients is exceptional. She demonstrates wisdom, maturity and skill beyond her years. She truly has “Gift from God” hands!"

Paula, TX

"At first Structural Energetic Therapy wasn't something I thought I needed. Turn out I was very wrong. After my very first session all of my complaints of things such as tightness in my chest and lower back, seemed to disappear. Since my session I have felt so vibrant and energetic, no more shortness of breath or lethargic feelings. I highly recommend SET therapy to anyone and everyone.

Matt, TX

"Doing a breath session with Nissa was one of the most transformative and well facilitated I've ever had. From the very beginning, she made sure to not only communicate that she was going to be there during this process with 100% attention and experience, but that we were actively working together to ensure a fully engaged breakthrough. She is precise and extremely attuned to a person's individual process and provides enough space and guidance for them to do it on their own. Thank you Nissa for this opportunity to use breath as an transformative tool for my growth and insight!

Jonathan, FL

"SET really works wonders!!! A couple weeks before seeing Vinissa my blood pressure was elevated close to the point of having to check in to the ER. For 2 weeks, I did what I could to try and lower my blood pressure but it only helped lower it a few points never getting close to normal. I finally decided I needed to make an appointment with Vinissa happen. A few hours after seeing her and going about the rest of my day as usual, I decided to see what my blood pressure was like. I was ecstatic to find that it was normal something I haven't seen in awhile. It's been 4 weeks since I've seen Vinissa and I still feel the benefits of SET. I feel great..energetic, light (like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders), body feels relaxed/lose. This isn't the first time to see Vinissa and it won't be the last. She's helped my husband with his gallbladder (didn't need to get it removed), hiatal hernia and thyroid issues. My daughter is a competitive dancer and she loves getting helps her perform and loosens up those tired, worked muscles. My family and I look forward to any chance we get with SET."

Donna, TX

"I work for Alaska Airlines at a desk, 12 hours a day. I travel between Seattle and Houston quite frequently, consequently a week ago arriving into Houston I felt very dizzy and felt there was fluid in my head that moved slower than my head moved. I thought it was because of pressurization on the airplane. I went to my daughters house and it got worse. I was vometing and couldn't stand up without holding on to something. I'm very fortunate to have three SET therapist's in my family. My wife, my daughter and my daughter-in-law. It is not recommended that immediate family work on you. My wife suggested I go to my daughter-in-law Vinissa. I did and in a matter of two hours, after applying SET, my nauseous feeling went away and the liquid feeling in my head was gone. I was able to function normal. Vinissa is very passionate about helping people and I highly recommend her for any pain or discomfort in your body."

Carlos, TX

"I have had chronic bursitis in my hip as well as other pain and my treatments with Vinissa are really helping, where conventional medicine has failed me Vinissa has been a rockstar! She is sweet and kind and really making a difference in how I feel. Thank you Vinissa!

Diane, TX

"Vinissa is a miracle worker! She really knows her stuff! I walked away with my pain level several numbers down and in awe of what she does. I will be back again and again! Highly recommend her!"

Jenny, TX

"Vinissa is very informed and stays up to date with techniques. The transformation in just one session was phenomenal. I didn't realize how compressed my spine was from improper posture. I actually appear taller because of realignment, its almost surreal! The atmosphere is nice and tranquil and always sanitary. Vinissa gets an A+ in that department. Overall a wonderful experience!"

Kelly, TX

"Vinissa is an amazing therapist, she will not just help you relax and feel better but she will really help you heal. The cedar pod is also an experience not to be missed, I wish I could go every day!"

Hulda, WA

"Vinissa is wonderful! She gives you her undivided attention, listens, and has a complete understanding of your concerns before she gets started with her process for healing. Some of what you'll experience are unconventional techniques but are guaranteed to make you feel rejuvenated and the desire to return for another session just as soon as possible!"

Michelle, TX

"Vinissa is the best! She’s very knowledgeable and aware - excellent at meeting her clients’ needs. The steam is magical - I left my first steam feeling so relaxed and overall amazing. The session is very interesting and I left feeling good overall and definitely noticed a difference in my posture. Excited to see future results!"

Chelsea, TX

SET Therapy is like no other. Vinissa is very professional, smart, and informative of her practice. I have been seeing her for 3 years now and am forever thankful! I've had so many back, nerve, and hip issues after having a child and with Vinissa's therapy I have gained so much strength and knowledge about my body. Thank you Vinissa for always making yourself available and loving what you do!

Salina, TX

"Vinissa is great. Very clean and professional atmosphere. I workout alot and she has helped me recover from old injuries. I highly recommend it and the steam pod is great!"

Christina, TX

"Had my first steam last week and loved it. Vinissa is very knowledgeable, thorough and it's obvious she loves what she does and is very passionate about her craft and her patients! Can't wait for my next visit!"

Elizabeth, TX

"I have chronic pain from car accidents, broken collar bone, neck fractures and herniated discs, plus body literally feels EXCITED when I'm getting into Cedar Steam!! Her therapy is so unique and long lasting! I can feel my body unwind and release. Thanks Vinissa!!

Moana, TX

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